Day: Sunday
Dates: 8th October 2017
Time: 1.00PM – 2.00PM

Toddlerhood is defined as the period marked by great cognitive, emotional and social development from the age of 12 months to 36 months. There are several milestones achieved by your baby during this period of time such as learning to walk steadily, development of speech, potty training, cot to bed transition, discipline amongst others.
This period of growth tends to be a very challenging period for parents. Indeed there are many schools of thought regarding some of the issues mentioned above and we are looking forward to having an interactive engagement with both panelists and the parents who have children within this age-group (and those with babies who are fast approaching this age-group).
This session will help you walk away with knowledge on the expected developmental milestones that you need to note as a parent for your child. Equally important is the practical nuggets that will help you deal with the dynamics of toddlerhood. Are you looking forward? Spread the word and come along with your fellow parents whom you know would benefit from this segment.

Our website through the link has lots of information that is benefial for you, as a parent of a growing baby or one that is already a toddler. You will access information on different developmental issues including the proverbial “terrible two” years and how to navigate that period. Discipline is another key issue we have addressed, including information on potty training, allergies that could show up during toddlerhood amongst more.
You can also search our Question and Answer database that has Commonly Asked Questions on toddlerhood that have already been addressed by the Duola and get the opportunity to ask any questions you might have.

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