Maternity Beauty Pageant

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It is said that women are prettier when they are expectant! This is why Baby Banda has taken this saying a notch higher by organizing the only one Maternity Beauty Pageant in East and Central Africa. It brings together expectant mums, giving them the opportunity to feel confident and proud of their bump as they make memories of their precious transition into motherhood. The Baby Banda Maternity Beauty Pageant is a highly competitive activity that gives women above the age of 21 years who are atleast four (4) months to six (6) months pregnant at the time of registration to battle it out, in order to make the list of the top fifteen (15) women who eventually finally compete at the Fair. Prior to the D-day, the privileged fifteen get an amazing opportunity (over a period of three weeks) to learn how to walk on a run-way and get professional input on various areas of interest during this time of their pregnancy. To prepare for the competition, the women get a complementary professional make-over for hair and nails and they get to choose what clothes they will wear from atleast four (4) maternity-wear shops. Lastly, the women get special product discount offers from Baby Banda, not to mention a packet of goodies courtesy of the brand sponsor. Our next Beauty Pageant will be held in 2016.To be in the know, stay connected to our Facebook page So that you do not miss out our announcement on the opening dates for registration!

Celebrating your gift of Pregnancy
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