Day: Sunday
Dates: October 8th , 2017
Time: 1.00 pm – 2.00pm

The Baby Banda Pregnancy and Baby Fair would not be complete without bringing together children to have fun at the fair! The Diaperthon™ competition is a fun activity that brings families and children together. It is held annually at the Baby Banda Fair and glitters up the event with little champions! Two (2) year old children are groomed to run on the stage wearing only diapers and a T-shirt.

By encouraging children to embrace field play from an early age, the Diaperthon™ ensures that they grow up healthy, stretch their little muscles while enjoying themselves! The Diaperthon™ recognizes champions not only at the competition but also the Parents who usually work hard to garner the votes required to enter their little champ into the competition.

KINDLY NOTE:  Diaperthon™is an official trademark of Beauty Bee Company Limited, The Home of Baby Banda

Diapering essentials and more

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