The Diaperthon™ Competition 2016: Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions:

Pampers Pants will be the official sponsors of Kenya’s only Diaperthon competition at this year’s Baby Banda Pregnancy & Baby Fair. Kindly read the terms and conditions before you enter your baby into this competition:

  1. This competition is open to both baby boys and baby girls
  2. Parents must ensure that their baby is between 13 months to 18 months in the month of August 2016 when registering for this competition, for them to be eligible. (kindly note we will ask for proof of age before the  competition)
  3. Parents must enter their babies for the competition via and must upload their babies’ photos.
  4. After registration and shortlisting, photos of those entered into the competition will be uploaded on the Baby Banda Fair website to allow for transparent public voting.
  5. Please see our Activity dates below:
    Online registration dates: 5th August – 17th August
    Shortlisting: 18th and 19th August
    Public Voting: 20th August to 28th August
    Announcement of winners: 30th August
  6. The first eighteen (18) babies with the highest votes will be entered as nominees for the Diaperthon Competition with Pampers Pants.
  7. The babies will be divided in three teams –Yellow, Green and Red– based on age group
  8. The competition will be held at the Sarit Centre on September 11th 2016 at the Baby Banda Fair.


Kindly also note:

  1. The Parent(s) will need to avail themselves for a briefing session on September 3rd 2016 one week before the competition.
  2. The Diaperthon per team will be won by speed. We will be looking to crown a winner pper team.
  3. There is no cash compensation for participating in the Diaperthon.
  4. All Photos taken during the Diaperthon competition can be used by both the Organizers of the event and brand sponsor for publicity purposes.
  5.  The brand’s decision on the winner(s) will be final