Day: Sunday
Date: February 2nd
Time: 12.00pm – 2.00pm

Can you picture two year olds running in Diapers to compete for the title of the Diaperthon Champ? Well it’s going to happen during this second Diaperthon race. It’s going to be a fun filled afternoon as Pampers our hosts search for the Pampers Diaperthon Star.

We’ve got 18 competitors and we need 3 stars! 2013 registration is closed.

Once your baby is nominated the journey to be a star has just began! Prep up your little champ, get them a cheering squad and come along for a fun filled Sunday afternoon at the Diaperthon competition. It’s going to be loads of fun!

Facilitator, Janet Kanini

We have 3 Teams: Blue, Green and Yellow! The Top 6 babies with the highest number of ‘likes’ from each group were entered in The Pampers Diaperthon Star Competition.

Voting was closed. We now have the Finalists!

See those who Participated below:

Team Blue
Team Green
Team Yellow

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