The Baby Shower

Look and Feel Good Area for the first 100 Mums Every Day!
We will have an area for Mums to be pampered at the Baby Banda Fair. We will work with two (2) leading brands who will be ready to make you feel good and look pretty. To enjoy these services you need to ensure you are at the Sarit Centre early as we are giving away vouchers only to the first 100 mums every day. You will get a chance to go to the Ashleys Stand for a short shoulder and neck massage. You will also get a chance to get a face touch-up from Make Up by Rose all for free. Want a chance to be pampered? Then get to the Baby Banda Fair early for your opportunity! Our doors open at 9.00AM every day.

Preparing to receive your bundle of joy
Go to Baby-Names and browse through our amazing tools such as our Essentials Baby Shopping list, Baby Names, Due Date Calculator, and more.
Our Website  also has other useful information on Pregnancy, Labour, Birth, Breastfeeding and more. On the site, you will also get opportunity to ask our Professional Doula any question that could be bothering you and interact with a large community of budding and aspiring parents on issues that matter to them.

Did you know that Baby Banda has prepared different beautiful hampers that contain an assortment of products that a mum needs for herself and baby? Yes! Baby Banda has collected together items for baby and those for mum and put them together in one very beautiful gift hamper that you can buy to gift a mum at her Baby Shower. Therefore you don’t need to hustle buying one item at a time. Browse through our choice of hampers through This Link and call us. We’ll be happy to deliver!