Day: Saturday

Date: September 22nd

Time: 10:30am to 12:15pm


Nothing can make you look more appealing and beautiful than a healthy and glowing skin. Skin care is the only solution to getting rid of all those unwanted stretch marks and enhanced good looking skin.

Palmers cocoa butter have put together a team of experts who will engage mums with the various ways to deal with skin tone, skin problems, how to keep skin healthy and trendy during and after pregnancy. This will come hand in hand with other fun activities as you interact and ask questions.

The experts will include skin specialists, Nutritionist, fashion consultants among others.

Palmers and Miadi have also grooved the onset of the Maternity Beauty Pageant 2012.This Maternity beauty pageant will show case stunning ,very beautiful expectant women taking the run way.

The women are well trained on how to swagger the cat walk and are geared up for this day. What a delight it will be for them to make the most of their beauty!

We are confident that this breathtaking moment made just for you will captivate your day, enjoying and sharing the essence of skin deep fashion with Palmers.

Facilitator, Pinky Ghelani