My Experience at the 2014 Baby Banda Pregnancy and Baby Fair


The Baby Banda Pregnancy and Baby Fair was a great experience for me. But this is how I ended up there…

My Motivation

Carrying my heavy body from the couch, I walked to the kitchen. The sight of the mess in the sink flared my anger for a short time. However I was too drowsy to clean up then. I switched off the lights and quietly walked in the dark to my bedroom. As I passed my baby Nadia’s room, I heard what sounded like a sob. I stopped and listened. Yes it was sobbing and getting louder. Oh no, please God not again, I had just put her to sleep less than an hour ago and it was my turn to sleep! I knew it was going to be those long cries that made me stay awake all night- colic.And yes; you bet I stayed up all night. This is why I will never get pregnant again.

In the midst of my thoughts that night, I knew that only with a positive mind could a bitter pill be swallowed, so I sought for answers in the internet. That is how I found myself attending the The Baby Banda Pregnancy and Baby Fair 2014.

My Experience:

By 9.30am, at the first floor of Sarit Centre, the doors to the Baby Banda Fair were open. I walked in through the exhibition corridor, only to realize that I was not the early bird, mums were already talking to exhibitors. It’s amazing how much knowledge brands share about their products as well as that of you and your baby.

From one corner, my baby Nadia was drawn by the bright colors of a car shaped moving cradle, it was so beautiful. I looked at the price tag, and…mmmmmm quite affordable……Nadia cried to have a taste of it by being placed on the cradle. However, the bigger agony was the cry she let out when getting her off it, but I promised myself to have it soon in my house.

I walked further; and I met these ladies who were all branded and very welcoming. To tell you the truth, I changed Nadia’s diapers almost six times while the previous were still fresh. I could not help it; the qualities of the sampling diapers were so tempting. And then again, they gave me take aways. I still have them in stock.

It was now ten thirty and Nadia was getting hungry. I ran to the entrance to ask for a quiet seating space to breast feed, only to realize I missed it on my way out, the sign was so loud and clear. It’s only natural for baby to sleep after breastfeeding, so I headed for the seminar room to sit and listen to the pediatrician. The environment was calm although fully packed.The usher showed me where to sit. Later on, I couldn’t help but sob for the things that I ignored as a mum.The pediatrician was clear in his statements on what we should look out for when baby has colic. It was apparent that many mums just like me were deprived of practical ways of dealing with issues related to their small babies. The special factor that I acknowledge about this fair is the free interaction with the doctors to ask questions, express your agony as a mum and share experiences while being advised by the correct experts at no fee. Like many other mums seated there, I did not leave my seat until all sessions were over.

On Saturday, I came back as early as I had on Friday. The place was packed, but very well ventilated and organized. My assumption that people would be fewer because of the terror threats was wrong. However,I inquired from the organizers about my safety and that of my baby, and they assured me that they had done all that was possible to keep the place safe. I sampled other exhibitors’ products that were healthy and nice, I even got to win prices here and there; I took a free instant photo with Nadia which was well framed after having a face makeover. I still have it hanged on my bedside wall.

I got to meet so many celebrities, oh my…..Jimmy Gathu was there. I have to admit that it felt good to be a bit naughty, I decided to eavesdrop into the men’s talk…… boy, they were deep!!!!!!. By the way, Victoria Rubadiri is truly beautiful, I saw her in person too,

and she is a mum. I bet you did not know that.

Just like Saturday, Sunday was packed and full of activities. I came along with my friend Carol and Hannah.They are also first time mums. We went into the backroom where they announced that all children should gather with their parents; they called it the diaperthon competition, it was heart filling. Later in the afternoon, we watched the maternity fashion show. I have to say, Sheila Mwanyigha ….you rock! I will one day give you a hug for cracking my ribs all the way.

On second thought I want to get pregnant again.