Becoming a Mum of One and more

Day: Saturday
Dates: September 10th , 2016
Time: 11:00 pm - 12:30pm

You are finally a proud mother! What a feeling! Congratulations. Your bundle of joy has arrived and you have been thrust into a new role, one which you probably have no experience in. Your priority is your baby and your deepest desire is to give your baby the best. Your new role as a mother can also be overwhelming and you need your own support system because post-partum depression amongst new mothers is not uncommon.
Every year at the Baby Banda fair, the session called Becoming a Mum of One and more is a learning forum for all mums in transition to motherhood, from birth to taking care of their baby. The educational sessions have been made to allow you to learn and ask questions. Some of the topics tackled in this forum are the vital elements around successful breastfeeding, challenges in breastfeeding, expressing breast milk, storage of breast milk, and nutrition during breastfeeding amongst other issues!
Other topics discussed on this platform are Post –partum emotions and physical body changes after birth as well as common complications for new borns such as colic.

This forum is very educative and lasts long enough to allow mums to take notes from the doctors. It also exposes mums to get in touch with the reality of maternal issues therefore distinguishing what is right from wrong when bringing up their baby and also taking care of themselves after their bundle of joy has arrived.

Adjusting to Motherhood
To learn more on transition to motherhood go to and interact with other mothers who are going through the same transition. Available also in this platform is a Professional Doula who is available to guide you with information.
The Doula looks at how to cope with the journey to becoming a great mum and give your baby the best, also the common complications for new born such as colic and others………….and yes, learn how to get your groove back and loose that bump!

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