Mommies Friend

We know how tough being a great mommy can be. From the first day when you know that you will have a baby to the day the bundle of joy arrives. Baby Banda would like this special experience to be as informative and as re-assuring for you as much as possible.

The annual Baby Banda Pregnancy and Baby Fair is an event that will give you the opportunity to meet and engage with lots of people who care for Mummy and her little one. You will not only be able to engage with medical professionals but also meet different people who are passionate about mothers and babies. The event will also give you opportunity to shop for unique Mom & baby products from both local and international baby brands not to mention the opportunity to learn and have loads of fun with other pregnant moms over 3 days.

The dates for this year’s event are below. Kindly mark the dates and plan to attend:

Venue: The Sarit Centre, Nairobi
Dates: September 23rd